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Our "Why?"

Jazzy J was born blind in one eye. She has not let that stop her from following her dreams. Jazzy J was also born to dance. She is currently on the touring jazz and hip hop teams at Center Stage Performing Arts. Her good eye has gotten weaker with time and so we don't know if her ability to see, if it has an expiration date on it or not. Therefore we live life to the fullest now and help her live her dream of dancing, now. With that comes fees and time commitments. Dancing till late hours each night she will never have time for a conventional job. Perfectly Posh allows influencers as young as 16 years old to sign up (with parent permission) and get paid instantly with their own personalized links and websites. So I am building this up for her. When she turns 16 she will take over all the social media outlets and be her own boss. When she needs new pointe shoes or wants to go to Prom she will have her own way to pay for those things through Posh. She is my why.

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