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Making Pampering part of your daily routine

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

When you think of pampering is it an elusive concept? Do you feel like it requires a special occasion? That is requires making a conscious effort to designate time for?

Then this post is for you because pampering can be and should be a daily routine. When you think of your day, do you have things that are just routine? That you do without even thinking about it?

Here are 5 times in your day you could add pampering to without much effort.

1. Folding the laundry

2. Washing the dishes

3. Watching your evening show

4. While reading, whether to yourself or perhaps to your children

5. In the shower

It takes but an extra 30 seconds to a minute to put on a face mask and wear during the day. Even in the shower, put a mask on soon as you get in and by the time you are done washing and shaving then rinse the mask off. Another great tip is to lotion during your evening show of choice, especially your feet. I love to put on a body butter or even a face mousture mask on my feet and cover them with socks while laying in bed watching a show. By the time I am ready to go to sleep it has been absorbed and I kick off my socks. Just by adding any of these "splurges" into your day can not only help your skin but also lift your mood. Do something "extra" for yourself because you deserve to be pampered.

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