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Gender Bender

Were you one of the lucky ones to get a Gender Bender sample this season?

Have you used it yet?? It is a staple at our house year round, but so fun to gift around this time of the year as it is a charcoal soap so a gift for all our 'naughty' friends out there ;)


Sustainable palm oil, ethically sourced shea butter, vegan

Charcoal powder adsorbs up to 2,000 its own weight in oils and dirt to help deep clean skin and pores


Rub straight on skin to deep clean areas such as feet and armpits

Use as a face wash to help battle acne, to help remove makeup

Use on hands to thoroughly clean at home or on the go

(keep it in a little baggie)

Great after working on a car to get grease and oil off hands

Helps remove hair dye from on skin around hairline or hands

Helps with the stains on fabrics such as clothing or furniture

Cleans makeup and paint brushes

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