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A second adventure!

We are about to launch our second business venture and couldn't be more excited! We are joining Solely Jane! What is Solely Jane, you may ask?

Our Sole Purpose is to outfit you with great, versatile style that always fits. Our cutting edge, interchangeable shoes combine the latest trends with serious innovation to meet your needs no matter what steps you're taking in life. We provide the base, you provide the story. Solely Jane, is all about you.

Quality, Comfort, and Value We know that the best products, the ones people really love, provide three things: quality, comfort, and value. We will always strive to keep these three things at the core of every piece we design, because we want you to really, really love them. Style We want our styles to reflect your own, which is why we created a shoe that you can mix and match with your mood. Whether you're feeling classy, sassy, sexy, fun, or casual, we'll always have a trendy shoe to take you wherever you want to go. And You! So, here's the thing! We totally love YOU! You're the one who brings our products to life. Whether you're on of our amazing Consultants or one of our stylish customers we want to provide YOU with a great base, so you can take the steps you need to be the best, most successful version of yourself.

Want to join us??

Ready for your dream job? Step right this way! Whether you're looking to replace your current full time gig or just want a lucrative side hustle, Solely Jane is full of opportunities. It's super simple. You get paid on personal and team sales and if you don't want to have parties you don't have to. Just show off your shoes and start cashing in. What's in it for you: - Love what you do. Share what you love. - Fashion, fun, and friendships - A super easy-to-sell product (seriously, all you have to do is show it off) - Get paid on personal and team sales - Work as much (or as little) as you like - Exclusive access to see new styles as they launch

Get on the waitlist here, put Clerissa Lewis as your reference/sponsor

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