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Mrs Lewis

& Jazzy J


A Family Run Enterprise

Clerissa Lewis, aka Mrs Lewis, is a full time mom of 4 children. She is a venture member for Wink Naturals in PG, UT. She and Mr Lewis believe in supporting the dreams of their children but also believe in helping them have ownership and accountability of those pursuits. This business venture is for their oldest child, Jazzy J, and her dream of dancing.

Jasmin Lewis, aka Jazzy J, is the daughter part of this Duo. She has overcome her disability of being born blind in one eye by pursuing her dream of dancing. She is a member of the Senior Touring Company and 801 Squad at Center Stage Performing Arts in Orem, UT. When Jasmin is not dancing she strives to be a straight A student, loves practicing her talents in art, reading a good book, and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

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